Pharmacological action
The gerald andriole drug has carminative, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and mild antibacterial agent. Normalizes the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

The drug is used in children as a means against flatulence and spastic to eliminate pain in the gut during digestion disorders, dyspepsia (non-infectious). It is also recommended during the transition to artificial feeding and other types of food.

Individual intolerance gerald andriole to any component of the drug.

Dosing and Administration
The drug is administered orally with a small amount of water or tea. It is recommended to take: children up to 1 year 3-6 drops 3 times a day for children older than 1 year 6-10 drops 3 times a day, school-age children 10-15 drops 3 times a day. Before use, the contents of the vial must be shaken. When prick medication to keep the bottle upright.

Side effects:
If you are hypersensitive to the individual gerald andriole components of the drug can be an allergic reaction.

Since existing substances of vegetable origin, symptoms of overdose have been observed. There were no cases of intoxication.

Interactions with other drugs :
Not known.

Specific guidance
does not contain sugar and preservatives. Ethanol content of 36 vol.%.

Form release
Drops for oral administration.
In 30 ml in a brown glass bottle gerald andriole with rubber stoppers, dropper and screw cap. Each bottle with instruction on use is placed in a cardboard box. buy testosterone with credit card pharmaceutical steroids where can i buy legal steroids geneza pharma

gerald andriole
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